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facebook-canvas-ads New arrival of Facebook Canvas Ads - Great content still requires an investment to produce a creative and constructive campaign. The concept of canvas ads is to be directly interacting with the customers through images and stunning […]
google-partner SocialHi5 being Awarded Premier Google Partner Status - SocialHi5 is proud to announce that we have been recently awarded the Premier Google Partner Badge. It has always been the vision of our company to partner with Google and […]
ad-blocking Ad Blocking - The digital marketing industry often works towards incremental change in search of greater profits. They fight strongly for a slight increase in the ROI percentage. Ad blocking is a challenge to […]
eta Expanded Text Ads for Adwords Campaign - Less than two weeks ago, Google released a much awaited Adwords feature – Expanded Text Ads. It has been expected for a very long time. These Expanded Text Ads offers […]
socialhi5-google-changes-in-mobile-search-results Google Announces New Changes in Mobile Search Results - Google has announced new changes in Mobile search results which includes the following two. Removed Mobile Friendly label from Google Mobile Search Results Google has officially removed mobile friendly label […]
usepay How to use pay per click (PPC) advertising to grow your dental practice - Not using Pay Per Click to grow your dental practice ? It’s high time to reconsider now Have you seen those ads that appear on the top or right of […]
Customer Match Target Ads by Email Addresses in Adwords With Customer Match - Target Ads by email addresses ? For the first time ever, Google has introduced “Customer Match“, where you can upload your customers and promotional email list to Adwords and target […]
doubleclick retargeting agency Save Money Through Retargeting in Online Advertising - The average rate of conversion on a website is just a little over 2%. That means majority of users leave a website without buying or performing any action. This is […]
facebook marketing company How Can Dentists Score Big With Facebook Ads? - Wait. We are talking about dentists and Facebook. How does it match up? Turns out, Facebook is just the thing that you have been looking for. With more than 100 […]
dental advertising agency california Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Dentists - Having over 900 million active users, Facebook is fast emerging as the most popular platform for marketing and featuring advertisements. Most of the companies and professionals have taken use of […]