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What is Global or International SEO?

International SEO process enables businesses to expand their presence more rapidly into the targeted global market and scope out the competition.

Why International SEO is important for global businesses

Are you ready to expand your business' web presence for world markets? Increase your chances of optimizing your website for different languages and countries with International SEO and localization strategies to achieve significant brand recognition. When you want to expand your business in foreign countries, there is no need to set up a local office, hire bilingual customer service representatives, employ separate marketing teams for each country or spend prohibitory costs. International SEO can save you a lot of time, money, and taxes while ensuring a global footprint. You can consider International SEO options to acquire customers through Google AdWords, social media marketing and online/mobile advertising. You can optimize your website to sell your products and services for foreign countries and languages to increase revenue and enhance international brand recognition.

Local SEO is focused on driving traffic to a website for targeted keywords in addition to a specific location. International SEO is highly competitive with the use of high-frequency generic keywords to drive traffic to your website from all over the world rather than a physical location. International SEO uses hreflang and ccTLD elements for targeting a specific geographic area as well as specific languages spoken. This will help search engines to always show the right content for your targeted audience.

International Keyword Research

International SEO depends on selecting and optimizing for the relevant keywords and phrases used by international visitors to search for your products or services. If you have customers speaking in any other English language speaking location, you can optimize your website to the relevant language and location. When you build a multilingual SEO strategy you have to translate the keywords for each country's local audience that can bring in traffic to your website and ensure higher rankings for these keywords for the targeted country.

Localize your Brand

If you're an international brand, you have to create content in the local language. It wouldn't be enough to rely on the automatic translation of the website content stuffed for different languages and stuff with keywords. Build a successful International SEO strategy for different countries by localizing content relevant to the language and region.

Optimize the Technical Factors

International SEO process requires different strategies to optimize the technical aspects of your website that include selecting the correct domain structure of your international website, deciding on the server location, and implementing the right hreflang.

Choosing the Right Website Structure

If you have decided to optimize your site for the international audience, you have to create a successful SEO plan by choosing three types of URL structures in your international architecture:

  • ccTLD - A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is generally used for a specific country, sovereign state, or dependent territory identified with a two-character code.

  • Subdomain - When getting started with International SEO, a sub-domain is a great option to build location-specific sites with a gTLD domain (e.g.

  • Subdirectory - Create Subdirectories or subfolders with your gTLD for targeting different languages and consolidate your domain authority.

It's definitely best to avoid a domain conflict by mixing different structures for your international website that could seriously harm the SEO efforts.

Server Location

Server location affects the success of SEO. Page load speed is the main factor that influences your search rankings. A slow page load speed affects the website speed and user experience. Therefore, IP location is one of the major factors for ensuring faster load times and better user experience.

Implementing the Right Hreflang

Hreflang is critical to International SEO process as they aim to cross-reference pages that have the same content to reach a wider audience. If you don't implement the right hreflang, it could negatively affect your rankings and user experience. Hreflang Language and country-based targeting using Hreflang tags is a great way for international websites to serve the right audience. Hreflang tags are used for organizing your website content for different languages, a single language with regional variations, or multiple languages within one region.

Effective Social Media Integration

Effective use of social media like Facebook and Twitter on your website can boost your search rankings for the pages they are linked.