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Local SEO makes your business to reach your target customers

People find local information quickly on a product or service in their area or city through the internet. It helps the majority of potential customers to find local businesses. It is good if your business can rank on top of the search results. As a result, it can generate leads for your business. If you are running a small or medium business, local SEO will promote your listings for products and services to local prospects, ensuring your business gains maximum exposure for local searches. Local SEO is often less competitive compared to broader, more national searches.

Why Local SEO should be your top priority

For small businesses, the best way to attract a bigger and broader audience is to show up information to the relevant audience in your local area while doing searches and drive maximum website traffic. Local SEO ensures that your business listing serves up a specific geographical location. Local SEO is optimized for specific locations, and this is a major avenue to find your business on top of search results to keep your business growing. Local SEO can benefit SMBs immensely with perfectly optimized business listings to increase visibility, boost your rankings in search engines and provide a better conversion rate.

What Google Algorithm updates mean for local SEO

  • What is Local SEO? - Local SEO is best for small businesses that sell products or services in their locality. When someone near your physical location searches for a product or service that you offer, we can ensure that your business comes up in the top of the results and drive new traffic to your business online. Our SEO team has monitored the most popular Google algorithm updates that impact local SEO and deliver the best results.

    With Possum, if a business is outside the city limits or search area, it can now rank in the local search results. Pigeon update provides more relevant and precise local search results that are closely connected to some of the ranking factors used in web search. Google My Business allows both new and established businesses to improve their online presence across the search engine. Local search results provide details about businesses and related entities that are relevant to specific searches.

  • What We Do for Local SEO? - Local SEO is constantly evolving and improving. Keeping up to date with various ranking factors is challenging. Here are the local SEO ranking factors, and know how to boost your local rankings.

  • Keyword Research - We analyze and choose specific long-tail keywords in relevant places on your site to target the right audience and rank your website higher in search results.

  • On-page optimization - We work hard for optimizing your website with a combination of generating keyword-rich quality content, a good mix of internal and external links, page load speed, mobile responsiveness, optimized images and title tags and other tactics to make your site and pages are SEO friendly.

  • Local Listing Creation - Local listing pages are a fast way to boost your brand on top of the search engines. We help you create and optimize business listings for your brand on Google, Yahoo and Bing to bring traffic to your website.

  • NAP (Local Citation) - NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) and user experience is a key component of Google’s local and Local pack algorithms. Get your NAP information verified by online directories to give your website a bump in local rankings.

  • Schema Markup - Adding Schema enables search engines to better understand your business information to help searchers serve better. We help you create and install structured data to optimize your website.

  • Link Building - Link building is a key component of any SEO strategy. We can help you build credibility with high quality back links, relevant keywords, and remove spammy backlinks to boost your rankings and get you more leads, and customers for your business.

  • Social Media & Reviews - Engage your business on social networks to find your business in the search engines and bring good traffic to your website. We can help you choose the right platform with well-managed profiles and executing successful campaigns to maintain an effective social media presence.

Getting customer reviews can impact your rank. Optimize your business listing with feedback on your products or services provide an opportunity to impress a potential customer and improve your business. We can help improve your brand positioning with a number of reviews to increase sales.