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Retargeting drives conversions for your business through constant exposure.

Retargeting is an effective form of advertising to stay in front of your interested audience. 98% of consumers visiting your website leave without purchasing or contacting you. Through Retargeting, we design and put out professionally designed banner ads in front of your visitors across numerous websites they visit after visiting your website. Through custom retargeting, we will display ads tuned to specific product/service they were interested in, to drive higher conversions. You will benefit by Huge Exposure and conversions from repeat visits.

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Why Retargeting works?

Retargeting only targets people who directly have an interest in products/services you offer, and follows them around when they are considering which company to engage with. By consistently staying in front of these people, we significantly enhance the chances of engagement with your business. Remarketing has been known to increase the recapture rate of visitors up to 30%. In addition to driving direct sales from people clicking on banners ads and converting, retargeting also enables view-through conversions, where people who saw the retargeting ads repeatedly directly go to the website on their own and convert.


DoubleClick Retargeting

Through Google's DoubleClick platform, we will reach out through numerous ad exchanges to cover about 98% of the websites users are visiting online. By continuously optimizing the site placements that yield the best conversions - direct and view-through - we will drive excellent ROI through our high quality retargeting campaigns.
The various types of Retargeting we support are

  • Site Retargeting
  • Search Retargeting
  • Dynamic Retargeting
  • Facebook Retargeting

For more information about Retargeting, please feel free to call us at (916) 476-2425.


Benefits of Retargeting

Our clients Ads displayed on leading websites