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Pay Per Click refers to a digital advertising model wherein advertisers pay for their ads placed before the target audience present on online channels. It actually buys visits to your website rather than earning those visits organically.

Digital marketing agencies fix up goals and targets for marketing. SEM emphasizes promotions and advertisements on different platforms that vary from website traffic, lead generation, sales and app downloads. It helps increase the online visibility of your site on search engines. Digital marketing agencies frame a strategic plan after proper analysis and research concerning the product and services. Their plans include analysis of demographic, who are probable customers to their products and services.

SEM is one of the important conversion drives for the digital marketing of campaigns. The reason for paid ads is most commonly linked to the landing pages or the sales pages which move the web traffic through the funnel of sale. SEM activities create awareness of your products and services among the audience. Reaching your probable customers becomes quick and easy through SEM. Once your potential consumers start visiting your website, converting them to sales is not a challenging task. Through different means of communication, you can remarket your products, generate leads and finally achieve your goals.

SEM services enhance the brand image and digital existence of your products/services with brand awareness campaigns. That intensifies the brand recall and, in due course, it converts them to brand advocates, which assist in provoking organic traffic for your website. Search Engine Marketing services are helping to capitulate into the next level of your business revenue. SEM improves company visibility by online increasing the search engine rankings, improve brand awareness, and establishing authority in your niche.

The SEO activities optimize your website to achieve higher rankings in the search engine results pages on specific keywords. These activities invite organic traffic to your site. SEO definitely takes a little time, but eventually, it ranks your website on the topmost positions and generates relevant traffic of those searching for your products and services(Pull Marketing).

SEM, on the other hand, comprises SEO along with a variety of paid advertising tactics to enhance the online visibility of your brand on several online platforms. The advertisement tools include Display Ads, Text Ads that attract potential customers to your website who had no formal awareness of your brand.

  • How many members are present in your SEM team and what is their experience on an average?
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  • What is the count of people in your SEO team?
  • What is the average experience of team members?
  • How many members are Google Analytics certified?
  • Case studies of previous campaigns?

Digital marketing agencies include experts in this field who ride successful campaigns, scale the business, improve client relationships and stay one step ahead of industry changes. Digital marketing agencies have connections with various media channels to reach the client’s TG.